Become an official crew member of the Mission x M.A.R.S. - The First Immersive Business Event in Europe!

What can you expect?

We almost killed our earth and now we try to settle beyond familiar territory - first destination: M.A.R.S. and YOU can be part of the first MISSION x M.A.R.S.!

On your journey through the universe you will work together with the other crew members on current real-life challenges aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to convince the Martian Jury to allow us onto their planet.
Learn about current tech & business trends and share this knowledge within your crews to design an innovative prototype that will be your entrance ticket to M.A.R.S.

This new format is completely different from all events you have attended in the past, it is highly dependent on your active collaboration and the ability to learn from each other.
Interactive sessions, design sprints and pitching slots are accompanied by music, theater, magic and a story you won't forget.

1 Big Transformative Mission
10 Crews
200 Chosen Crew Members
1 Martian Jury

A one day spectacle, a gigantic business workshop accentuated an immersive theater group from London. And everyone will play a role!

Exhilarating! Captivating! Thrilling!



Enhance your skills in Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Economics, Gamification, Pitching and Growth Hacking in interactive learning & sharing sessions

Run through a design sprint and build an Innovative Prototype in a collaborative way

Work on real-life existing challenges aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Extend your network with like-minded Intra- and Entrepreneurs