On Friday 6 December, the News Impact Summit will land in Munich to discuss diversity and inclusion in the newsrooms and the news.

Phenomena such as migration, climate change, conflict, and digital development have changed our notions of identity and inclusion, reshaping the way people see themselves and the world. Our identity directly affects the stories we tell and how we tell them. Identity, inclusion and local news are the keywords at this event where journalists, media experts, and partners will show how the media, specially local initiatives, can produce better journalism, engage with and recover the trust of its audience through diversity.

In this Summit, we will look into the possibilities newsrooms to be more inclusive and generate content that captures and discusses the challenges of their communities. We will present initiatives that are reaching underserved communities by innovating with training and storytelling. And others that are investing in diverse teams and new storytelling formats to talk about, and challenge, stereotypes of poverty, discrimination, and gender.

Speakers will discuss diversity as fact-checking and share about technology that can make newsrooms and content more inclusive. Experts will also share hands-on solutions to discuss issues of identity and make journalistic coverage more representative.

This event is organised by the European Journalism Centre and powered by the Google News Initiative