IMF is mostly adopted by the majors in Hollywood as main B2Bdistribution format. IMF simplifies the versioning of a single production to fulfil the needs in various markets, such as regional versions with different languages and subtitlesor versions with different lengths.

The usage of IMF in the Broadcast field is still at the beginning. However, current discussions regarding the usage in the Broadcast field indicate the increasing interest in IMF also in this environment.This seminar has been jointly developed by leading experts from QvestMedia and IRT and will enable you to understand the technical details and show the advantages and use cases of IMF in the Broadcast field.

The seminar has been newly-arranged to follow the current IMF developments and to set the focus to the practical usage of IMF, especially within the Broadcast field. Therefore, it is intended for participants of the first seminar series and for those who are interested in that topic for the first time as well. In addition,the seminar offers a great opportunity to get in touch with experts from different media fields.


International Intensive Seminar on IMF –Next Level, October 24-25, 2018, at IRT, Munich

Course overview

Day 1: Wednesday, October 24,2018 10:00 – 16:00

• Introduction to IMF

• Technical roundup of IMF

• Design and status of the IMF standard

• Examples - IMF packages

• IMF versioning - use cases

Invitation to a social event in downtown Munich

Day 2: Thursday, October 25,2018 10:00 – 16:00

• IMF in the broadcast field

• Status and outlook of broadcast IMF applications

• Broadcast use cases - production, QC, distribution and archiving

• Roundtable

Note: sessions and days interspersed with demonstrations and practical exercises