The majority of founders and early backers (e.g. business angels) struggle to raise sufficient capital, hit the timings on their financing rounds and get their most desired investors on board. This is largely due to poor preparation and execution of the fundraising process, especially with regards to identifying, approaching and following up with potential investors.


The good news is: Raising $$$ for your startup has rarely been easier, and you will likely get funded if you just manage not to screw up. In this talk, Gerrit will provide you – that is, founders, business angels and corporate investors interested in learning more about a financial VC’s thought process – with a practical early-stage fundraising playbook supported by a variety of practical examples in which founders and supporters either nailed it or got it really, really wrong.


You will e.g. learn how to…

… identify the right investors

… find out how much money to raise and when to start the process

… best approach investors – and how definitely not to.

… follow up properly and prepare to ensure a smooth process

… not scare potential investors in negotiations, and still strike favourable terms


and will have the chance to discuss any fundraising-related questions.


Gerrit is a Berlin-based venture capital investor at btov Partners with prior experience in M&A and B2C startups, e.g. at Rocket Internet. Having invested across a variety of sectors including Consumer Internet (Movu), B2C Hardware (Ava Women), B2B SaaS (Trellis, arago) and Urban Air Mobility (Volocopter) and following a somewhat stage-agnostic investment approach between (pre-)Seed and Series B, Gerrit has a deep understanding of the investment criteria and expectations of VCs and business angels when considering almost any kind of early-stage startup.




6.30 - 8.00 pm: Keynote & Q&A

8.00 - Open End: Networking with Drinks & Pizza